LPPM is the institute for research and community services of Universities SebelasMaret (UNS). This institute is assigned to organize, develop and maintain the productivity and quality of research and community services within the university. Eventually, it will also contribute to enhance national competitiveness.

More specifically, LPPM UNS is designed to: (1) produce qualified human resources to support the system and infrastructure for national development, (2) develop research environment and implement science, technology and arts which should have added value to achieve welfare for the country as a whole, (3) manage information of research and the development of science and technology which are strategically needed to support national development including preparing research roadmap and implementing the research program, managing intellectual property rights, managing marketing and diffusion of technology as well as administering networking with related parties.


According to the vision of UNS, LPPM UNS has established its vision to become a leading, reliable, and independent in research and community services particularly in the development and utilization of science and technology.

Mission Statements

To achieve its vision, LPPM UNS has stated the following missions:

  1. Improving and implementing internal and external partnerships
  2. Developing and creating featured products based on research and community empowerment
  3. Improving and developing the acquisition of intellectual property rights for research and community empowerment
  4. Improving the independence of the institution and research centers within the institute
  5. Accelerating the role and the capability of faculty members and students in research and community empowerment

Building a good image